Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey beeotch, I think it's "Karen Conner BAD ASS!!!"

I can't believe Shannen Doherty stole the title I was going to use for my memoirs....for her new book, "Bad Ass."

I'm way more bad ass than that little title thief.   Here are some examples of my bad girl ways:

1.  I have a long standing fine of $3.55 at the library.

2.  When my husband goes in to buy me a coffee, I say to him...."Don't come back unless it's a large iced Hazelnut, extra, extra light with cream and sugar just like I ordered it."   (I don't even want to see your face until then.)

3. If you mess with me I might complain to a close family member about what you've done. I might even go so far as to send a disapproving glance your way....when you're not looking.

Come on, this is way more bad ass than being mean to people on the set of 90210!!!

This title thievery is an abomination!  It isn't the first time it has happened to me either.  It happened back in '07 when Donald Trump stole my idea with his book, "Think Big and Kick Ass."  That's been my mantra for years!  I'm gonna give these thieves a piece of my mind...probably not though.

Wouldn't you rather read, "THINK BIG AND KICK ASS...In Dog Cuddling and Life?"

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