Saturday, December 18, 2010

Celebrity Couples

I often wish I was part of a hot celebrity couple...Brad and Angelina (Brangelina), Tom and Katie (TomKat), Kathie Lee and Hoda. 

These power couples are wealthy, famous and SO in love!

Don't we all love seeing pictures of them frolicking on remote, exclusive beaches and hearing their clever and witty back and forth banter? 

Kathy Lee refers to herself as "KLG" and her partner as "Hoda Woman".  Hoda Woman lovingly and willingly allows herself to become a human target for KLG's insults and put downs. 
Makes me wonder...Where's my Hoda Man?

The other day I watched an interview Oprah did with Lisa Marie Presley.  Lisa Marie spoke at length about her marriage to Michael Jackson. She described being with him as intoxicating.  Just being in his presence gave her a high like she had never felt before with anyone, except when her Dad was alive.  

When Lisa Marie's marriage to Michael broke up due to his drug use, who was waiting in the wings?  None other than Debbie Rowe. In her signature wolf tee shirt, she was ready and willing to birth MJ's children.  

I need a male Debbie Rowe who loves me enough to give me his first born children!

Then I think...who am I to complain?  My man and I have been together longer than most celebrity couples. 

True, he finds inanimate objects such as the TV, his phone and the computer infinitely more captivating than me.  

Being in his presence puts me on a high...when he repeatedly pushes my buttons, it causes my heart rate to instantly accelerate and my blood pressure to rise.  

All he has to do is mention his favorite subject: sports, and I begin to yawn and nod off.

Yes, the more I think of it, being with him is intoxicating.  He's on the computer/watching TV and I am passed out on the couch by 9:00 p.m..  He is like a drug for me.  It's the equivalent of massive dose of Propofol every evening.
Sweet Dreams

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  1. Better be careful being South County's new "It" couple...if you thought the bass and flash bulbs were bad in 2007 outside your house, wait til 2011 when it's a flashbulb fiesta! Being South County's "It" couple is work! That picture of Debbie Rowe made me hot and bothered...weird. I wonder why Michael never made a song about Debbie Rowe like he did Billie Jean? At least an MTV makeout like Lisa Marie? But she got the best, his babies, and a complimentary wolf tee.