Sunday, December 5, 2010


Have you ever wondered why you do some of the things you do? Learning about your personality type will change your life

I used to wonder why I felt different. Why couldn't I just "get it together?"  Finally I have something to blame it all on. My rare but wonderful personality type. 


E.  Does it energize you to be with people? If so, like 80% of the population, you are an extrovert.

I:  Does it drain the life out of you to be around people?
Would you rather have a root canal?  (Oops, not a good analogy because one would still have to be around people.)

Do you need time alone to recharge? 

If so, like me, you are an introvert. I'm introspective and I like being alone. Good times!


S: Do you like facts, details, and do you notice what's going on in the moment?  Are you practical?  If the answer is yes, you, like 80% of the population are a SENSING TYPE (S).


N: Or are you a big picture kind of person?  Do you like to imagine future possibilities and theorize?  Are you a dreamer?  If so, you are an INTUITIVE TYPE (N) like me!

Here's a hypothetical example that may or may not have happened in my childhood, age 7: 

Let's just say there were some boys my age, in my neighborhood that were repeatedly setting themselves on fire and rolling down the hill in their yard. I would rather sit back and theorize why they might be doing that than to actually get out there and help them fight the fire they started on themselves.  
My theory: They were practicing STOP, DROP and ROLL, enjoying the moment, and probably didn't want my help, anyway.

Being an INTUITIVE TYPE, and seeing big picture possibilities, I sometimes don't notice details.  For example, I probably won't remember what kind of car you drive. 

I also wouldn't likely notice if you are wearing a live cat on top of your head for a hat or if you are lying on the side of the road in need of help. 

I have too many wonderful and terrible things to think about in my imagination to notice small details like that. 

FEELING TYPES base decisions on feelings.  (60% of women are feeling types.)

THINKING TYPES (T) base decisions on logic. (60% of men are dead inside. I mean, Thinking Types.) 

I used to live with a thinking type.  He was an ESTJ, my opposite.  His passion was hunting.  Coincidentally, my passion was hunting  too....(Hunting for Kleenex, then curling up into a fetal position and sobbing.)

Feeling (F) =  F My Life (FML).


JUDGING TYPES (J):  These folks are orderly, decisive, punctual, disciplined. They love schedules, finish projects and do the "shoulds."

PERCEIVING TYPES (P) like to see all the possibilities before making decisions.  They are open minded, spontaneous, easy going and capable of handling many projects at once.  They go with the flow. 

As a Perceptive type, I have had wonderful experiences when being spontaneous.  

On the other hand, a failure to plan has burned me a few times.

Leaving things unfinished has plagued me.

On the other hand, I always have fun projects to go back to!  If only I could find them...

I'm not much of a fan of doing the "shoulds." 

On the other hand, it's kind of nice doing things because I want to, not because I have to. (Comes from the heart.)

  I wish I was more decisive.
Then again, maybe not, I can't decide..... 

My ability to see possibilities makes me more creative and understanding.

I am an I N F P  (a rare one percent of the population).
Introvert (I)  Intuitive (N)  Feeling (F)  Perceptive (P)

Let's see....introspective,
theory/not facts, 
feelings/not logic
and chaos/not order.

Okay so I'm not very worldly.  On the other hand, what I do have is one hell of an imagination and a lot of glitter and sparkly stuff.  

Oh yeah.... and I can fly.  

(At night when I'm dreaming.)

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! It's sooo good. I knew you were an INFP, even though sometimes you are a BITC-- Just kidding!!!! Your blog is sooo awesome!!!