Friday, October 15, 2010


I am not into extreme sports (or any sports for that matter) unless you call decorating or gardening a sport.  In those cases I LOVE taking it to the X-TREME. I'm a high endurance athlete who loves living on the edge.

An X-treme sport  is a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger, and that are counter-cultural. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear or spectacular stunts. A feature of such activities in the view of some is their alleged capacity to induce an adrenaline rush in participants.

I'm out there in my gardening gloves, slammin' some Mountain Dew, free styling past the yellow jacket nest in the flower garden.  Next I'm in a helmet, repelling off the side of my house, tying a bat, a ghost and some cobwebs off the highest corners.
My X-treme Sports Combined
I have been decorating since late September. Hope my endurance
holds out until Halloween.  I'm up for the challenge, though.

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