Thursday, October 14, 2010

HALLOWEEN DECORATING / Creepy Cloth~revisited

CREEPY CLOTH:  Beautiful but dangerous

In the previous post, we discussed the wonders and many uses of creepy cloth.  But I feel that it's only fair to let you know some of the pitfalls and dangers of this strange and wondrous weave.

Yesterday as I was decorating, I was standing on a chair that was wrapped in Creepy Cloth.  When I stepped down to get off the chair, my foot became entangled in the web-like material.  I tripped and almost tumbled off the chair.  Later, I stood on the same chair (thinking I'd be extra careful this time) and it happened again!  I was ensnared.  I could have fallen and gashed my head on the stone fireplace!

A few minutes later, for some strange reason, my house-trained dog of 11 years decided to lift his leg on the creepy cloth I had draped over a table.

"I guess every rose has its thorn."     Poison
Was my faithful friend trying to exact revenge on this mysterious cloth?

We want our decorations to be scary but this is not the kind of fright we are looking for!

How can something so glorious be so deadly?

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