Sunday, October 17, 2010

Your Dog's Right to Choose

I think it's nice to let your dog choose what Halloween costume he's going to wear.  My dog has his very own Halloween box filled to the brim with fanciful costumes! He invariably pulls out his favorite, a plush yellow and black bumble bee costume with shiny silver wings. It just so happens to be the softest and most luxurious one of the bunch!

Bailey loves all the attention he gets when he's dolled up, and knows there will be a fun day ahead!
You can catch him buzzing up to the pumpkin patch to feast on hot dogs, fries and orange soda. After a photo shoot in front of some mums and pumpkins,  he loves to  pop his bumble bee head out the window on a Fall leaf-peeping drive.
My little Howl-oweener

I let my dog make choices in other areas in his life as well...

"Bailey, do you want to be quiet right now?  No?  You want to keep howling?  OK!  Howl all you want. It's good to let your emotions out.  It's safe. This house is a cry friendly zone!"

"Would you like to stop growling and biting?  No?  I know, it's fun to play and I want you to have a happy life.  Oh, I're angry.  My mistake.  Well, it's good to get it out, not let it fester."

Do you think you might want to get down from there?
OK,  I see you're choosing not to.

Here's a question I often ask giving him two choices:
"Are you my friend...or are you my friend?"
"Well, I guess you are my friend then!"

Mon Ami

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